Are you going to stay where you are and be comfortable or move forward and be uncomfortable?

Stephanie Lee
Comfortably Uncomfortable

Comfortably Uncomfortable Is For All

Stephanie Lee is the creator and host of Comfortably Uncomfortable. This is a weekly podcast about getting out of the comfort zones that keeps all of us stagnant, unhappy. And it definitely doesn’t move us towards the dreams and desires that we have always wanted.

Tune into each episode as Stephanie tells real-life, unbelievable, and inspiring stories that have happened in her own life. She has seen and heard it all...over forty + years of being uncomfortable.

But now Stephanie has taken on a new challenge. For the first time ever she is getting comfortable being uncomfortable. She now knows that that is truly the only way to move toward a life filled with every great thing that she has ever wanted. The tales and results are wonderful. Beautiful changes were made. And she’s not done becoming comfortably uncomfortable.

And guess what? No topic is off limits.

Uncomfortable and less talked about subjects will be on the menu too.

Don’t miss an episode of this enlightening podcast that will also be sprinkled, every so often, with bright and interesting guests that tell stories of how they were able to achieve the life that was only a dream and desire at one time. All they had to do is simply become comfortably uncomfortable.

Comfortably Uncomfortable is the podcast for anyone (and that means everyone) that wants to get out of their own way and grow whether it be in personal development, professional life, relationships with others, self-esteem, being alone and lonely, weight issues, and so much more.

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Perception – A Different Point Of View


In this episode I pick-up and expand on the perception aspect that I mentioned in last week’s bonus shorty episode on forgiveness. What do you do when you are not moving ahead? If your like most people you just can’t think of doing anything differently…or at the very least you don’t know how to get…


About Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee is the Creator and Host of Comfortably Uncomfortable. She is the author of Southpaw - A Tale About A Girl’s Imagination. Stephanie is also a Comfortably Uncomfortable Lifestyle Coach.

Her personal passions include good, old-fashioned am/fm radio, 1980’s music, dystopian and speculative fiction, research, true-crime, coffee, and podcasting.

Stephanie has an AOS degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting from Iona College and a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the State University of New York (SUNY).

Stephanie lives on the east coast, United States with her dog, Frank and enjoys driving her favorite vehicle of all time, a Jeep Wrangler.

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