Look At Your Life From Above

Hello, this is Stephanie and I am completely, utterly, totally, well you guessed it, comfortably uncomfortable and I hope you are too. And you know what? If it’s not too embarrassing, would you mind if I come over there and shake that uncomfortable feeling right the heck out of you? No…I won’t do that, but I wish I could.

My tip for today or my awareness of today is taking a look or rather, taking stock of your life from a little bit of a 30,000 feet kind of advantage. Kind of looking down on what you’ve done so far in your life. This is not a mid-life crisis kind of a thing. No. But so far, as an adult, what have you done in your life? What have you contributed in your life? How have you helped others with their lives; in your life? How have you been a benefit to others?

That’s a question only you can answer. And it is a question that I’ve had to answer recently when asked that same question. And you know… it does help because it helps you move ahead with something different or…keep doing the same thing or…just decide what you’re going to do that may be a little different. It may just be to shift something differently in your life.

Take stock and look down at your life so far and see what changes could have been made and what changes you can make right now that would improve your life going forward.

That’s it. You know what? That’s my tip. And you know what I think, I think it’s a pretty good one. But you know what else? I didn’t think it up. Someone asked me. So there it is. From now on, I will be looking at my life from 30,000 feet from now on.

– Stephanie

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