Today Is A 10! :-)

Hello, this is Stephanie. And you know what? I am completely, comfortably uncomfortable. You know something? I woke up this morning and I said, “Today is a 10!” And you know what? It is!

Well…my tip for today is a declaration. Intention.

You see…when I wake up in the morning, I jump out of bed and I do say, “Today is a 10!” really loud! And sometimes, during the day, I’m reminded to say, “Today is a 10!” Well, I wouldn’t do that in front of people (because you might scare them) but you can think it and you can whisper it and you can feel it. Feel that “Today is a 10″…because…You know what? It is. It’s all up to you.

So throughout the day you can remind yourself that “Today is a 10!” or whatever declaration you have made…make sure it’s positive, make sure it resonates with you.

And then as you drift off to sleep, say (shouting) “Today is a 10!” or (quietly), “Today is a 10.” Thinking whatever your declaration is, it’s very important that you go to sleep with that intention. It will effect your dreams and how well you sleep, and then the next day wake up and say, “Today is a 10!” it really does make a difference and it really is a habit that we all must have.

Declare it and make it yours.

That’s it for my tip. This is Stephanie and I am totally, completely, comfortably uncomfortable.

“Today Is A 10!” Transcript

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