Get This One Thing Out Of Your Life Forever

Just like the heading indicates, there is one thing, one emotion that will stop you from moving ahead in your life.

And yes, there are other things that might stop you from moving ahead, as well. But guess what? This one thing is so mentally draining. Who needs it? Not you nor me.

Explore a “At the near top of the list” crippling emotion that you have surely felt at some point in your life and see what I did.

It works!

Yes, with a little mental training, shall I say, you can alleviate this unpleasant thing from your life FOREVER!

Let’s get down to work and get comfortably uncomfortable.

Get This One Thing Out Of Your Life Forever TRANSCRIPT

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (referenced in this episode)

Get MY Book – Southpaw – A Tale About A Girl’s Imagination

*This episode, as with all my episodes, is my opinion and the content is based on 40+ years of hard-core learning and experience. I am not a doctor, a mental health professional, psychiatrist or a psychologist. Please advise a doctor or a professional on any tips, or suggestions that I talk about in this podcast if you have questions.*

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