Searching New Orleans For Trent Reznor

In this episode I tell a story that happened in the late 1990’s when I was working at a trade show company in marketing. Although the story itself is not pivotal or life-changing, it is a fun memory for me.

This episode does have a few lessons that I learned along the way about being uncomfortable and exploring an unknown place alone. And along the way, I had a little fun searching the “Big Easy” for a man that I admire and, perhaps, had a bit of a crush on.

It certainly made the trip more fun. And I learned more than I ever thought I could know about New Orleans. Just take a stroll down Bourbon Street…it’s all good!

TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS EPISODE / Searching New Orleans For Trent Reznor

Because of the explicit nature of the “Closer” video, I won’t link it here. Please go to to search for and watch the video.

If you ever plan to go to New Orleans here are a few (of many, many) attractions:

The Official New Orleans / Things To Do Website:

My Personal Favorites:

Cafe Du Monde:

House of Blues:

New Orleans Steamboat Company:

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