A Dream Of Passion – The “Method” Technique – Part 1

In this episode I share a method that I have been using almost all of my adult life. The “Method” saved me through some pretty dark times, some difficult times but also a lot of fun times, too.

Ahhh…the “Method”…it sounds so sexy, provocative, and almost intoxicatingand it is.

And guess what? It is here for you to use to your advantage and at your whim every time you want to go to another place and become another person. Use it freely to get to another world that you are dying to experience first hand.

How exciting is that? VERY.

Just by knowing the “Method” you can Rock Your World and live that Dream of Passion that we all crave.

Get out of the way…here you come!


Use This “Method” TRANSCRIPT

A Dream of Passion by Lee Strasberg (referenced in this episode)

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